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Setting up Mumble for TF2C

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 01:09 PM

As a new competitive player, trying to get into the real deal and a real challenge in TF2 can be daunting for some. Trying to merge into the competitive lane, finding a good first HL team, starting to build that ego and reputation in lobbies are all factors everyone has been to at one stage. *cough* Deciding to main Spy *cough*. Luckily, thanks to the awesome work by the staff and admins at TF2C, it has been converged into a simple and convenient way to get into competitive scene.
I have noticed lately that new players seem to have more problems with this application than TF2 itself...
A frequently asked question is: "How do I setup Mumble?"
I understand there may be already existing Mumble guides but not one highlighting the detail from Downloading to Ready to use.
1. Downloading and Installation
The Mumble client is designed to be compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. It can be found here: https://www.mumble.info/downloads/
To download the application, click the proper link that matches your operating system. You will be prompted with a screen to select where you would like your application setup to be downloaded to. Afterwards, simply click open the downloaded application setup and follow the prompts to install Mumble.
2. Certificate Wizard
After Mumble is successfully installed on your computer, it is important to create your unique certificate for Mumble. The purpose of this is to minimise the need to disclose passwords when connecting to a Mumble server. It creates a unique ID only you may use when connecting to a server. Please create a backup of your certificate in case you re-install Mumble.
3. Mumble Overlay
A mumble overlay is a feature that will allow the player to see the nicknames of users in the same mumble channel and those talking over your TF2. This is a must have for lobby players as it allows you to see exactly what class is communicating in mumble in order to achieve the best communication possible while playing a TF2C lobby. To access the mumble overlay section, go to the settings tab and look for 'Overlays'. By ticking the 'Enable Overlay' box in Options section, it will enable the function to work. Important note: Mumble MUST be open first before TF2 in order for mumble overlays to work. If you have not done so, simply close Mumble and TF2 and reopen them in the right order.
There are many different mumble overlay customisations possible, feel free to play around to your own liking. I personally recommend to use Lange's overlay as only those who are talking show up on the screen, and it is really clean and nice to use. You can see it in action here: https://www.youtube....OOK281dwc#t=102. To download it, click here: https://www.mediafir...skj2t8t6axqodm. To install it on your Mumble, simply click load in settings and locate the overlay in your saved folder.
4. Other useful guides and tips
Don't forget to check out the other useful Mumble related guides regarding push to talk and match communications during a TF2C lobby. They are just as important to setting up Mumble. They are linked below:
Setting up Push to Talk in Mumble (RECOMMENDED) - http://forums.tf2cen...talk-in-mumble/
When talking in Mumble, it is very important to have push to talk on so other players experience won't be ruined by your background noises such as fans, mum telling you to get off your computer etc. TF2C lobbies should also be played with headphones in and not speakers or other players may hear your sounds. Please also read the TF2C rules carefully in regards to microphone spamming and inappropriate behaviour as players that do not follow the rules will be met with consequences.
5. Ready to use
Well done! Your Mumble client should now be ready to use in conjunction to TF2C lobbies! When joining a lobby, whether it is mumble required or not, it is highly recommended to use it anyway to improve your gaming experience and have a good chat with other fellow competitive players. Who knows? You may meet other new competitive players! To join mumble, either click on the 'Join Mumble' button located next to the 'Reconnect' button on a lobby page or wait for the website to automatically launch the application which will put you in the right lobby number and team.
If you have any questions regarding this guide or if anything has been missed out, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks!
Q: I'm getting kicked from mumble and have just joined for the first time.
Q: When I click the "Join Mumble" button, it sends me to a channel but I can't talk in it.
A: Exit mumble application and click the "Join Mumble" button again.
Q: I have done everything here and it's still not verifying me!?
A: Please log completely out of TF2C, clear your cache, and then relog back into the site. This allows TF2C to refresh your current IP-- Which is needed to verify you. Your Web Browser IP must match the IP connecting to Mumble.

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It's been fun, thanks for the ride.

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