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A personal statement from Mother Tereza

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Posted 11 July 2015 - 12:39 PM

Since MasterNoob has posted his personal statement, I would like to add to it my own one. First of all, I want to apologize for my yesterday’s morning behaviour in a chat. I’ve banned several people and publicly said a lot of tough things while being in very angry and upset state of mind. The reason for this was an absolutely disgusting mockery on MasterNoob and Fairy that has been posted on tf.tv forum and quickly spread across the internet. Although I still believe this fake is absolutely unacceptable and below any moral boundaries (shame on those who made and spread it), I want to apologize to all innocent people I’ve insulted and banned yesterday while being under the deep impression of this. All those bans has been revoked already.


Secondly, although I believe I have been rarely involved in any moderation or PR activity on TF2C, there are many complaints about this part of my work. I want to say both of these directions was never interesting or important to me. Therefore, I’ll gladly pass these duties to more confident and experienced moderators. Hopefully, this will happen after reorganisation of our moderation procedure which has been announced in previous statements. However, this doesn't mean that I'll immediately become white and fluffy. I still prefer a straightforward manner of communication, probably because of my origin, and would ask you do not take this as a sign of rudeness.


Thirdly, I want to publish here my personal part of that notorious TF2C statement regarding DL and recent drama. It wasn’t included into the final version due of a mess already explained by MasterNoob, so here it is:


“I want to bring my deep and sincere apologies to everyone whose feelings I might have unintentionally or intentionally offended while playing this game and running this website. Whom I've unjustly banned or whose lobbies I violently closed at 1 AM. I don’t keep any grudge against anyone in this community and wish it the prosperity and long life. Peace!”


As conclusion. This undoubtedly unpleasant situation has drained me of a lot of my energy, and as result to the moment I don’t feel myself interested in any active development and support either TF2C website or this forum. This doesn’t mean that I want to abandon this project completely, I still enjoy the close company of my TF2C friends, let's call it a "summer vacation". Hopefully, after some rest and sun baths I would be able to return back to my work, especially if I’ll notice a sign of interest in a future TF2C development from the community. Cheers!

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