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The Official Requests And Suggestions Guide

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Posted 24 November 2014 - 06:07 PM

If you are reading this, you are probably seeking to make a suggestion or request in order to improve the quality of our service or perhaps are simply wishing to offer your feedback on an existing thread. The purpose of this thread is to serve very much as a guide on the workings of the section to educate those unaware, as well as a guide to successfully contribute to the section. 
Tag System
You may have noticed that threads in this section have various tags of varying meanings. These exist to track the progress of the suggestions and make it easier to identify what action is being taken. Below is a list of the tags in use and their meanings:
  • Approved: The suggestion has been approved by the developers.
  • Completed: The suggestion has been implemented.
  • Declined: The suggestion will not be implemented by the developers.
  • In progress: The suggestion has been acknowledged and the developers are working on it.
  • Pending Dev Response: The suggestion has yet to be discussed amongst the developers.
  • Scheduled: The suggestion has been acknowledged but it will be not implemented in the near future
  • Under review: The suggestion is currently being discussed by the developers and a decision will be made soon.
How To Write A Good Suggestion Or Request
  • Firstly and perhaps most importantly of all, check that your idea has not already been suggested by another user. If there is already an existing thread concering your idea, your idea will automatically be rejected by the TF2 Center staff. Please search the sub-forum extensively before you put your idea forward to the community.
  • The best titles are those that are short and to the specific point at hand. Do not give your thread a vague title like "My suggestion", try and convey the primary purpose of the suggestion's existence in the title. Ideally, you do not want to go over 75 characters, but try to keep it as short as possible whilst still being effective.
  • Write your post in fluent English. We aren't expecting Shakespeare, and we are aware that English is not everyone's first language in this community, but due to its status as the universal language of the site, we expect it to be at least comprehensible in order to understand what you are trying to suggest.
  • Please stick to a one idea per thread rule. If you have multiple suggestions that follow these guidelines, do not be afraid to create multiple threads containing an idea each. This also keeps the forum more intelligeble; it makes it much easier for people to discuss the ideas you have in the thread which greatly increases the chance of your ideas being accepted. It also makes it easier for people with the same idea to see that you beat them to it.
  • Give as much detail as possible and justify why you feel it will be beneficial to our community. By thinking through your idea and explaining it thoroughly, you will be able to persuade other members to support your proposed implementation. If you have any evidence to support you, such as previous successful use, statistics or designs, use it as it may strongly support your case. Be prepared also to defend your idea from any comments made by other users.
  • Keep your cool and follow the rules. This is not an agony aunt column, nor a place to hurl insults or abuse at others. Disobey this, and you risk not only having your idea automatically rejected, but also punishments from the TF2 Center staff.
How To Reply Constructively To A Suggestion Or Request
  • Justification of your opinion. Don't merely say "I like this" or "This is a bad idea" as these posts will be ignored (as well as being classified as a spam post). Explain why you feel a certain way, and go in-depth as to analyse what makes this idea meet this criteria. If your analysis of the idea is a negative one, offer constructive critique in order to try and improve upon the idea if you feel it is salvagable.
  • If you engage in a debate, attack the opinion, not the person. It's simple courtesy, and we don't want flame wars erupting in these threads and derailing them from their original purpose. This also has the potential to drive potential contributors away from our forums by giving them the wrong message.
  • In general, try to refrain from derailing a thread from its original purpose. Don't focus solely on minor details, or change the subject entirely, as it distracts from the topic at hand. Understandably, this is difficult to avoid, but with enough perception involved, you can avoid it and invite more discussion of the focal point(s).
  • Follow all of the guidelines listed above for creating good threads. A constructive post is just as important as a constructive thread.


Thread Tools




Polls may be used in order to gauge public opinion on a matter and potentially influence the developer's minds on whether to implement a suggestion or not. To add a poll simply click the "Manage topic poll" link to the right of the topic title field (see picture below).




Then just add the question(s) (and their possible answers) to the poll (see picture below). You may ask a maximum of 3 questions (with 20 poll options each) per poll. Abuse of the polling system to spam is against the forum rules and will be punished by a staff member.




Rating System


You can rate topics out of 5 stars by clicking on the appropriate number of stars in the top left corner above the topic page (see picture). Please, use this system to rate an idea in the suggestions thread from 1 to 5 stars as this will help out the developers know which ideas they need to prioritise.




If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact a staff member! Thank you for reading this, and we hope to see your contributions brought forward to us!

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