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Posted 16 December 2018 - 05:19 PM

TF2C Profile! = Steam64 ID







Offclassing reports will only be accepted for medic trolling or non6s games 

(e.g. *medic not healing or permanently offclassing, 4s running heavy and medic, highlander multiple same classes, etc-- Offclassing in 6s should be automatically detected and hand out temporary scaling bans to those who offclass in nonoffclassing lobbies)


Feel free to !rep someone who is offclassing in offclassing enabled lobbies if they are being detrimental to the team.


- *Medic Trolling where they are "not healing you but others" or Specific Actions (taking ammo packs to troll HL engie, class theft, etc) that you are reporting must have an STV demo or pov demo with the ticks listed where the bannable offense occurs! Just logs or lobby number is not enough.


( "demoui" and "demoui2" will help you determine the tick or https://www.google.c...watch demos tf2 )


https://demos.tf/ features a 2D viewer for STVs and a place to upload .demo files


- If you wish to keep your report private then please indicate it in the post


- All cheating reports are kept private. You will receive a private message on the forums if the reported player is banned from your report.




Please ensure you provide the following information if applicable with your report:


Mumble related reports:

  • Recordings - provide a recording or screenshot of the channel. You can use Mumble itself to record conversations.
  • Timestamps - Time with timezone, date, username, and channel(s) can also allow us to spot someone changing channels or look for bandwidth used by mumble spammers-- if recordings are not available.

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