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Let's talk Demoknight

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 05:08 PM

So, I've recently played some more matches than I would usually do on this, wonderful platform, and I did indeed notice. 


People don't like Demoknight very much, they will often report me or ban me from the lobby before even letting me play.

My opinion on this that's based off of my completely demoknighting experience, is that Players don't want what they haven't seen been used a lot, and I can respect that, it's normal human behaviour, but I always thought that, it's a bit unfair for people to judge someone based off of nothing but pure assumption and first sight. I've wanted to make an open discussion about this for a long time, and what better place to do it than this forum. I wanted to talk about the viability of Demoknight in both the regular game, open lobbies and in a very serious competitive scene. I'm not gonna go over gameplay mechanics and strategy. I'll be talking about the general reputation and stereotypes of this subclass.



Stereotype 1

All demoknight players are noobs that barely have any hours in the game. 



This is a very common argument that I come across, and although it might be true to an extent, there are definitely players out there that are good at Demoknight in a more competitive scene, casual and lobby scene. One of these people who atleast has some sort of following, is iLander the youtuber



Stereotype 2

I rarely see demoknight players in a serious scene, that obviously means that he's bad.



Sure, I can understand this argument and stereotype, but what people don't fully understand, they don't want, people who figured out how to use Demoknight, stick to what they learn and have learned, because Demoknight is such a controversial subclass, people are distancing themselves from him, so if you don't see demoknights around, you can blame it on the rough enviroment for new demoknight players. And if people get judged for what they play, they get a very bad taste and completely stop, players are told to usually go for what everyone normally plays, but no one encourages something diffirent.



These two stereotypes are the most common that I see floating around, and I think they should be demolished from the community as soon as possible, and I'm trying to do that, I have given myself the task to play demoknight until I can join a lobby without fear, without worry and without unfair treatment. 



I want to encourage new players to try something diffirent when they get the hang of the normal game, try something else than just a normal class, try Demoknight, just try stuff, and if it works out for you, stay strong and go for your goals.



Remember to always keep your team happy, keep it positive and keep the sportsmanship up, compliment eachother, and you better thank your Medic for healing you. 





So, Demoknight is very controversial, I want to hear your opinion about this, your opinion about something to do with Demoknight, he's useful when played correctly, but that's hard to understand for some people, but I want to know, how many of you are with me, and how many are against my thoughts, but I just want to encourage fair treatment.


That was all folks, my very first post on this forum.





AdinaTheDemoknight  <3





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