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Remove/lessen default restrictions on MEDIC slot

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 06:10 PM

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Hello, I know this might counter a suggestion that has been placed before, but after some discussion and brainstorming I feel like the restriction on the Medic spot is completely unnecessary.

TF2Center is first and foremost a tool to practice and prepare pub players for competitive. And as such, I do not see why Medic mains who may well have religiously studied guides or have had actual scrim/comp experience or have been mentored would have to sit out and boost themselves on other classes they have no desire learning about, before being allowed to train on their main class.

I've talked to admins and it's been agreed that TF2Center does not have a minimum skill treshold and you cannot get repped or banned for under-performing, as everyone needs to learn. I don't see a reason why we must leave medic mains to sit out until they have actual lobby experience, while no one else needs to have this.

And there's other crucial classes in the game than medic, that in this case would also need such restriction to be placed - Demoman is a prime example in all gamemodes. Engineer on payload maps too is very critical. Pyro and heavy too, as combo members, especially on specific maps (pyro + badwater). Sniper and Scout are also very critical especially on koth maps! They too need restrictions if we must be fair.

Now I can understand why these restrictions were placed - so the medics understand gameflow. But when a potential med main hits the 25 lobbies through HL KOTH Engi or PL Scout, they're still at point 0 and it would make virtually no difference in the end.
Plus, as I said many medic mains already know how to play comp medic before. So for those it wouldn't make a difference either.

I think the people that agree on the medic restrictions should be the ones placing them in their lobbies. But this should be left to the discretion of lobby leaders. A 0 lobby medic with solid training will perform well and support their team well.
And one who doesnt have a clue should be guided by their team for help, just in the same way you would guide a 400 lobby offclasser.

So I would like to ask, could you remove the medic restrictions mandated by the system, or atleast lessen them a little?
+ Medic mains will be able to start their practice sooner without having to do redundant tasks
+ Medics with prior comp experience will not have to wait by playing classes they dont enjoy
+ Lobby leaders can STILL impose their custom restrictions if they only want people with a understanding of the gameflow
+ Lobbies won't be stuck on no meds joining
+ Less chance of offclassers running kritzkrieg on Payload Offense

- Medics with no gamesense might join a lobby, making things difficult (but again this could be gamebreaking with other classes as well + more experienced players can always guide)

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 08:26 PM

We believe the Medic has foremost the highest impact on the game, especially when not played well. We have seen Lobbies suffer from total newbies playing medic, so we have decided for a very small threshold: 25 Lobbies. This is probably enough for new players to get a "small clue" what they're doing.


So, we're sticking with the restriction ;-)

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 11:41 PM

While I agree Medic has high impact, TF2Center is not a place where you arrange scrims and expect high-level gameplay. As I have stated, someone could build up this amount of lobbies on classes that pretty much don't need to do anything and be just as useless of a medic as a newcomer. 


That aside, I don't think 25 lobbies is all that small. I'd say more 10 would be then a better option if you must keep it. Building up 25 lobbies doesn't look like much, but a lobby tends to take around 30 minutes to complete. Sitting out 25 lobbies as a different class would force a med main into over half a day's worth of lobby play. (This is implying all the lobbies are balanced games, and they start instantly upon the person's joining, and the person does them in one sitting). I believe after 10 lobbies (Which is already 5 hours of playing) someone would already build up a clue of medic in competitive play. 


I've had a number of friends who were solid medic mains before they even hit 10 lobbies. I also currently have a friend who is on my team and he's a quite good medic - problem be, he only has 20 lobbies. So unless I take the med spot myself and switch in-game, he cannot practice and has to take classes he doesn't even need


So please, can't you at least lower it? 

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