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Non-Accurate Hitreg.

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Posted 19 August 2017 - 01:14 PM

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Lobby creation
Since I started really playing TF2Center for like yesterday, I noticed a pretty weird thing I've experienced with my friend who tried to play with me too.

This problem is bad hitreg.

Usually, when I play TF2 on community servers or in casual mode, the hitreg is have a normal behavior, meaning that if I'm shooting someone with my minigun, my my bullets will actually hit my opponent (And I know I will hit him since I have a good aim with hitscan weapons normally), but in TF2Center lobbies, let's just say that hitting a player is a pain in the ass only because lots of your hits will be registered much more later than usual (especially with hitscan weps), meaning that Scouts who are not hard to kill normally will now blow me up only because of bad hitreg, Soldier and Demomans have an advantage because projectile damage have the different behavior than hitscan damage, Spies and Medic are still hard to track... And all that only because the hitreg don't act normally.

So, my request is to bring a hitreg comparable to the one you have in Valve official server or in real competitive servers like ETF2L/UGC lobbies.

Because for now, I can't play normally as Heavy since the hitreg of the TF2C servers gives me a huge handicap that I should not deal with normally.

Pros :
- Making TF2C games much more accurate.
- Making people less salty.
- Removing class handicaps/advantages that appears only because of bad hitreg (Scouts have big advantage with their speed, Soldiers and Demos can still land their shots since the shoots projectiles, Pyro and Heavy will have a huge disadvantage since they will not land any shot, etc.)

Cons :
None. Really, what's bad about fixing a problem TF2 servers should not have usually ?

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 12:46 PM

First of all: there is no such thing as a "TF2Center Lobby server": players bring either their own server or serveme.tf, which is outside our scope.


Secondly: I have no idea what you're proposing; suppose this was the serveme.tf forums, what kind of fix are you suggesting? Configs?

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