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I was wondering...

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#1 justseth



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 12:27 AM

I i`m a a F2P With a lot of experience over 2000 hours, and i thought why not try out the competitive side of tf2 but i thought since i`m a f2p it would be hard beaucause i don`t know what i`m not allowed to do as a f2p so i have some question if you guys can help me that would be great :D 


: Can you join a team ? 


: What can`t you do as a F2P that a P2P an do ? 


thanks guys  :D

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#2 Mikers



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 12:56 AM

It should be noted that being Free-2-Play in no way, shape, or form inhibits you from being able to play competitive TF2, however many communities would prefer for you to be a premium player (and I think either UGC or ETF2L may require premium? Not sure on that). This only costs a mere $5 to be spent in the Mann Co. Store, so it shouldn't really be much. Just grab a taunt or a couple of keys and get yourself some nice hats or something.


The only real differences between the two is that premium players have much more backpack space, can trade items that they get from the drops, can play the in-game competitive matchmaking, can find hats in drops, can send gifts to players, and can craft hats. Some servers also block F2Ps from connecting.


Overall, as far as I know, you can be LFT as a F2P all you want, I've never known a team leader to deny a player solely because they aren't premium.

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Just Read the Rules!

Your #1 friend for the usage of TF2Center is the rules page.

#3 Andrei



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 10:27 PM

It doesn't matter whether you're F2P or P2P as long as you're good at playing your role.


Of course, there are different item loadouts, but you can always kindly ask someone to provide you with critical weapons (ie: Gunboats for playing Roaming Solly). A couple of weapons are worth virtually nothing nowadays due to Metal inflation...


The only problem here is actually finding a team you'd like to be part of. You might want to test the waters with multiple teams and figure out what fits yourself best. I'm not sure either whether you need to be a premium or not to join UGC / ETF2L, but that would be absurd - you might want to check their rule sets or even ask one of their mods about it.


Oh and by the way, if you ever think of adding Steam Funds to your account, you could rather purchase TF2 Keys instead and immediately after sell them on the market in order to to regain your dosh. To be precise, you'll be at a slight money loss due to Community Market taxes, but I believe it could still help you a lot (:

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#4 ps3aciv



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Posted 30 August 2018 - 09:47 AM

Well now they made it so you can't play unless your Steam Level is 3 or higher which is total bullshit. Include my old account and I got 1.5K hours in the game and i wanted to get into a bit of competitive and i heard that TF2Center is a great place to start, and I played a few lobbies but I cannot play anyomre. I really hope they remove this because it's Pay to Win and total bullshit and proves my point that most TF2 related companies are extremely greedy and do not care about F2P's.

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#5 EJsvof



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Posted 11 January 2019 - 10:10 AM

i was wondering if we could have a rant section some other boards have it....since alot of us r usually bitching maybe it wud be ok

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