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STVBinds - Useful Tool for Spectating

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 01:35 AM



I noticed that http://etf2l.org/for...se/topic-22104/ was outdated so I decided to make my own from scratch. It doesn't have a UI but it's easy to configure and use in three steps! This is for both Highlander and 6s.


This is a tool that allows players to spectate a specific class in an STV, watching a demo, or spectating a live game within the click on your keyboard. Also very useful for streamers. By clicking on the numbers on your keyboard above your letter keys from 1-9, will jump to the BLU class from scout to spy in first person respectively. By clicking on your Keypad numbers from 1-9 will allow you to spec from a RED scout to spy in first person respectively. You can also use the arrow, INS, HOME, PGUP etc. keys if you have a merged keypad and arrow keys like mine by turning numlock off.




Place the "stv" folder in your "tf/cfg" folder.

Place "stv.cfg" and "stvreset.cfg" in your "tf/cfg" folder.


Please note: This program will not work if you place your files in the wrong folder.

Please note: This program will not work if your TF2 folder ISN'T in your (D:) Drive.

WILL ONLY WORK FOR THIS PATH: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2/tf




1. You will have a cfg file named "playernames", which can be seen below:

bluscout	""
blusolly	""
blupyro		""
bludemo		""
bluheavy	""
bluengi		""
bluemed		""
blusniper 	""
bluspy 		""
redscout 	""
redsolly 	""
redpyro		""
reddemo 	""
redheavy	""
redengi 	""
redemed 	""
redsniper 	""
redspy 		""

To assign a class to a player name, fill in the quotation marks with the player name. It can be: steamid, #userid or partial name match. Do not mess with the spaces or lines or this will not work. Only edit between the quotation marks!


2. Open the application "STV Config Generator" that I have written. This should read off "playernames.cfg" and generate 18 files including "BLU_scout", "BLU_solly" etc. Inside each class file will be the command "spec_player" followed by the name of the player on that class. This allows you to spec that player with the click of a button.


3. Lastly, just type "exec stv" in your TF2 console and you're all set!


*If a team changes, for example from BLU (Offense) to RED (Defense) on a payload map, you need to type "exec stvswap" to swap the keys around so you can continue using BLU keys for BLU team and RED keys for RED team.


*If you wish to reset and get your keys revert your keys back so you can play, just type "exec stvreset" in your TF2 console. Please edit the config to place your custom keybinds back for a specific key.


DOWNLOAD LINK FOR HL & 6s (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire...no/STVBinds.zip


Feel free to edit the scripts to your liking. If you have questions, feel free to ask below!

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It's been fun, thanks for the ride.

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Posted 16 October 2017 - 01:36 AM