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Advanced Lobbies Q&A

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 12:44 AM



This will be a more in depth Q&A forum post about our Advanced Lobbies 2.0 update. This should hopefully answer all your questions and clarify your understanding.


Features included:

  • New Lobby Page Header
  • Advanced Lobbies (AL only but view-able by all)
  • Star ratings (AL only)
  • Credits voting system (AL only)
  • Automatic scrambling and balancing (AL only)
  • Hall of Fame (AL only but view-able by all)
  • RQ cooldowns (AL only)
  • Site Preferences
  • 6v6 Optional strict offclassing rule

Q: How do I apply for Advanced Lobbies?

A: We currently have a whitelist of players that have been hand picked by the Staff and have the benefit of skipping the application process. Other players are required to fill in a form through our forums:  https://forums.tf2ce...s-applications/. Please make sure you are logged in.


Q: Am I good enough to join Advanced Lobbies?

A: According to our Advanced Lobby page (https://tf2center.com/al), we are only taking players that meet the following:

  • ETF2L Open (Upper Bracket)
  • UGC Steel
  • Top 20% of players from tf2playerrankings.com
  • Exemplary behavior on TF2Center (bans will be taken into account)


  • Ozfortress Premier
  • Ozfortress Top Intermediate
  • UGC Platinum 
  • UGC top Steel

If you're still unsure if you qualify, you can also send in an application.


Q: Can I host Advanced Lobbies?

A: No. Currently, only TF2Center's Staff and certain Advanced Lobby members are chosen to host Advanced Lobbies. There is no way to apply to be able to host these lobbies at the current time, so don’t ask.


Q: What do you mean by 3 Months Free Beta Period?

A: We have decided that, in order to test our big update, it would be in the best interest of the community to try Advanced Lobbies without any strings attached and test the new system. After the 3 months period, the TF2Center Team will come to a consensus on whether to make Advanced Lobbies a paid service or not. Please do not bug staff about this, it will not affect our decisions.


Q: How do the new Offclassing rules work?

A: This is a recent idea to the Offclassing topic, bear with us. If the Lobby Leader has the 'Allow offclassing' box ticked (by default), there is no limit and consequence on offclassing (even 100%) for both scouts and roamer soldier only. If it is not ticked, then offclassing will be limited to defending / attacking the last point. This will replace the 40% offclassing rule. We will trial this new method and see how it works.


Q: Can I pay with TF2 items?

A: Yes, when the beta is over, we will be setting up a system to accept TF2 items for donatorship and Advanced Lobbies.


Q: I've applied for Advanced Lobbies but I haven't heard anything in a while. I don't see a star and I don't know if it has approved or rejected. How do I check?

A: Please be patient as we manually applying your application. We understand your excitement to join. Asking, bugging and annoying mods in main or lobby chat about your AL application might result in a rejection or application getting ignored. Every staff member has been notified of this.


Q: How is the cooldown scale implemented?


Level 0: 2 hours

Level 1: 4 hours

Level 2: 8 hours

Level 3: 1 day

Level 4: 2 days

Level 5 and above: 1 week

If you report yourself in-game and wait for the sub to arrive you will only receive 25% of the punishment.

Join AL lobbies as a sub to reduce your cooldown level.


Q: How are class skilled star ratings decided?

A: Star ratings are dependent on three things:

Stars are still being worked on and seem to be slightly inaccurate. Please be patient as we try and balance this.


Q: If I donate do I get membership to AL?

A: No. Membership to AL is based on skill level, not donator status.


Q: How will I know if I am accepted or denied?

A: Right now there is a huge backlog of applications due to the recent release. They will be reviewed for the most part in a first-in-first-out manner.  Donators get moved to the front of the line.


Check if you're approved: https://forums.tf2ce...-qualification/

If you have been approved, activate your AL by going to https://tf2center.com/al and clicking on the 'Sign up' button on the left.


Check if you're rejected: https://forums.tf2ce...qualifications/

Please do not spam more applications because you have been denied.


Q: I have activated by AL, but it says I am not good enough to join the slot?

A: Wait 5 minutes for your stats to load in, log out of TF2Center and log back in.


Q: Why can't I read replies to my application forum post, I see that replies have been made?

A: That is normal and intended. This means that your application has been seen and processing has been started.


Q: My (excuse here) and I quit an AL and now I have a RQ cooldown ban.  Can you unban me?

A: No, just like Mumbility bans and Reliability, we will not unban players for quitting an AL. Next time, you can ensure you finish playing the whole lobby.


We will keep updating this thread with your important questions that should be addressed publicly to avoid confusion.

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