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Playing Heavy Competitively

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 08:53 AM

Hey, my name’s HASHFAN and I’m a high steel/platinum heavy. I’ve been playing the game and maining heavy since late 2011 and I wanna clear some things up about the class and hopefully explain how to get better.


Step 1:

Recognise your role


A lot of people say heavy’s a damage sponge and that he is meant to tank damage. It irritates me because it really isn’t true. Although heavy requires a lot of heals to be productive and has a large health pool, that doesn’t mean you should be actively trying to do something with it.

Heavy is very inefficient when it comes to the ratios between damage taken, dealt and heals received and that is why the demoman is most favourable in nearly every situation.


There’s often times where I’ll take around 15,000 damage and only deal 6,000-7,000, whereas the demo required less heals and took far less damage to achieve even more damage.


Rather, heavy is durable and you should be trying to direct attention towards you at the right times.

Otherwise, do chip damage and stick near the rest of the combo and play a more passive, protective role until key picks are taken, or sufficient damage has been dealt by the rest of your team to warrant a push.

A heavy’s presence forces him to be focused down or be considered when there’s going to be an engagement – so keep this in mind and try to stay alive.


Step 2:

Communicate, listen and be aware


No point playing heavy if you’re not going to communicate. Despite what I’ve said, heavy can still get shit done and that’s why it is important to communicate what you and the enemy are doing.


Don’t be afraid to ask for heals and take matters into your own hands – just make sure the time is right. Over time you’ll know when the right opportunities show themselves for you to excel.


Remember, you’re slow and are a big target and thus you are punished the hardest for making a mistake.


Say a decent amount of damage has been done to the enemy combo, the enemy is forwarding and playing aggressively, or the opposing team has lost a few players, these are all opportunities for a heavy to take the lead and shine – but most importantly, you have to call it. There’s a difference between a good heavy and a good player.


Be sure to call and listen when your team does, too, so you can play upon the call.


Step 3:

Abuse the damage ramp up and keep it in mind


If you weren’t aware, the minigun’s damage ramps up over 1 second of firing. If you’ve been firing longer than the enemy heavy, you will win; and that’s a fact. Make sure to have your damage at maximum when planning on engaging an enemy to ensure a desirable outcome. This sometimes means jump revving isn’t always appropriate and it’s often a good idea just to W+M1.

For example; there’s an enemy heavy around the corner that’s revved but not firing – you can hold down mouse 1 and win. Even if he reacted almost instantly, you will still have a advantage.


This goes both ways, though. So make sure to know when you will win and when you won’t.


Be careful with your ammo consumption, however; as shooting constantly will dry up your capacity.


Step 4:

Turn around


It should go without saying that you’re a big target for spies. Be sure to turn around and check your back and surroundings in a rhythmic fashion, but no so rhythmic that it’s easy to find a pattern.


Remember, you’re responsible for your own life and your pyro shouldn’t have to bear the weight of spychecking his whole team. A simple spin can save your life and that’s why I recommend a high mouse sensitivity.


I hope what I’ve said helped. If you need any further help, be sure to leave a comment.

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It's been fun, thanks for the ride.

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 08:57 PM


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Posted 27 June 2016 - 06:05 PM

Bollocks. Especially this one



For example; there’s an enemy heavy around the corner that’s revved but not firing – you can hold down mouse 1 and win.

#4 Octane Twisted

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 08:26 AM


Bollocks. Especially this one



For example; there’s an enemy heavy around the corner that’s revved but not firing – you can hold down mouse 1 and win.



June 18, 2014 Patch

  • All mini-guns now have damage and accuracy ramp up after they start firing. Full accuracy and damage is reached 1 second after firing.




#5 Cortana



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Posted 10 September 2016 - 04:19 AM

I agree with Kengur on the fact these pieces of advice are often very situational. Claiming "you can hold down m1 and win" ignores external parameters like overheal, other players, positioning, etc etc


The least of my intentions being hijacking the thread, I've written a HL Heavy guide a while back that's quite substantial. Some beginners might find it helpful. For what it's worth, I think no amount of advice can lead up to a perfect Heavy-- it's experience, trial and error and reviewing one's past errors that lead to improvement. Advice, and guides simply open the path to self-improvement.

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Posted 22 January 2022 - 01:52 AM

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